Sunday, March 3, 2013

Limited by Nothing

"None of us ever want to to feel jealous, of course.  It's a feeling that comes over all of us despite our best intentions.  We feel we can't help it at times, when someone else gets the promotion, or the credit, or the relationship, or the money...  Their win can trigger primitive feelings of failure or loss, and the intellect has little or no power to assuage that pain.  Mystics do no deny these negative emotions; we surrender them.  We know we're feeling them for a reason, as they often represent the places in our psyche where we relive previous wounds within the context of current experience.  The negative emotion we're feeling now - if we surrender it deeply and ask for God's healing - is our chance to transform the past and be free of its pain in the present.

"...As we come to look at an experience differently, in time it begins to transform.  The choice to perceive any situation within a spiritual context cuts through our negativity.  Where we place our faith is critical.  For we do live in a limitlessly abundant universe.  And even when we feel loss and limitation, our choice to affirm what we know to be true - that we are limited by nothing - brings the power of Truth to bear on any situation.  We can have faith in a world of limitation, or we can have faith in a world of limitless good.  But it shall be given to us according to our faith: What we have faith in is what we will experience on some level."
---Marianne Williamson, Everyday Grace
Love these weekly readings!  What a great view on something we all deal with - Jealousy. 
I love the idea that if we truly believe in a world of limitless good - what's the point of being jealous?  Recognize the negative feelings; affirm them and give them credit; have faith in the future - and limitless future.  I can do that.
Although, I have to admit...  In Minnesota, in March, it's hard to not be jealous of everyone else's vacations to warmer climates!  (I'll just keep repeating "limitless world of good" over and over...  Spring will come eventually!)
Things I am thankful for today:
1.  Hubby making me coffee.
2.  Waking up a little early.
3.  Playing games in Sunday School.
4.  Boy giggles.
5.  Serving communion.
6.  Reading in a sun spot.
7.  Dinner at my parents'.
8.  Mike and Dad talking beer.
9.  "You don't have to participate in every debate you're invited to."  Great quote by my dad's cousin.  (Especially when pertaining to politics!)
10.  A new-to-me kitchen gadget!  Thanks, Mom!

QotD:  Did you sleep alone last night?
Uh.  Nope.  In fact, with the hubby and a poodle that stretches across the middle of the bed - with her claws in my back...  I might have slept better last night if I WAS alone!  Ha!

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