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Last week's reading in Secrets of Simplicity by Mary Carlomango had me make a list of things I do, that I can do, and do well...  It was all about gaining confidence in yourself - realizing the many things we do everyday without thought or worry.

This week, the reading encourages us to begin taking leaps.  Small leaps to begin with - daily leaps.  For example:  eat breakfast, exercise for 30 minutes, read for 20 minutes, call a friend, etc.  One small leap a day for an entire week.  The thought is, once we prove to ourselves we can accomplish these new things - we acquire more confidence, which can then give us the courage to try bigger leaps.

Since January, I've been doing many small - and not so small leaps - everyday.  And I've been doing pretty well so far!  Small leaps like going to bed earlier, eating healthier, exercising, writing everyday, reading something inspirational everyday, etc.

And I've made some big leaps!  Signing up for the Susan G Komen 3 Day Walk, for example.  So far, so good.

The chapter today, discusses these "leaps" as needing to be able to release yourself from the outcome of a situation - and stay in the present...  Interesting thought.  Here's what it says:

The power is in the leap itself, not worrying about exactly what will happen when you land.  One of the main reasons we hold ourselves back from leaping into the unknown is the fact of the unknown itself.  If we can bring ourselves to let that forward thinking go, we will release the tension that all that prediction causes.  Of course, some planning is necessary in many situations.  But so much of life is out of our control, so the more we let go of the need to control, the more peaceful and present we can be.  Eventually, we can learn to become present in the moment and relax into the here and now.

So the exercise for today is to list your daily schedule - one hour at a time - as it is now.  Then, make a second list, once again hour by hour - but this time of your ideal day.  There may be small changes or big changes - but this is meant to help you see where your life today is different from where you would like your life to be...  Once this is done, you have a blueprint for the areas to keep striving for small and big leaps!

I'll be thinking about this throughout my day today...  Interesting, isn't it?

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Sunshine!
2.  Waking up without the alarm.
3.  A clean house.
4.  NOOMA videos.
5.  Bouncy balls.
6.  7th grade boy giggles.
7.  A warm dinner when I walked in the door!
8.  Thank yous.
9.  Tea Forte - yum.
10.  Peanut butter.

QotD:  What's your favorite word (right now)?

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