Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's My Birthday!

Today was a great day!  One of those where you feel like you're on vacation...  Even though you're playing in your own backyard.  But without a care in the world!

We started out this morning with a little "Brew Day" activity.  It was time to move Mike's brew into "Secondary Fermentation."  So, once again, our kitchen looked like a science experiment as we siphoned the beer from one carboy to the other (in order to take just the liquid, without the sludge and "floaties").  I have to admit, it's kind of fun doing this with the hubby!

The sludge we're avoiding...  Eww...

Siphoning out of one carboy...

And into another...

Look how nice and clear that beer it!  So far, so good!

Next, we drove to "Patisserie 46" in South Minneapolis.  It's a french bakery that's known for the best macarons in the Twin Cities (and since I never got to try one when we were in France due to a stomach bug, I decided this is what I wanted for my birthday dessert!).  So, we had a delicious lunch - their tomato bisque soup is amazing!  And of course, tried some macarons.  Yum!  I loved everything about this place - it was small and cozy, but bustling and busy on a Saturday!  All the food looked awesome, and I had a tea that was absolutely perfect.  We'll be back, I'm sure!

Since this bakery was only a block from the house we wanted to buy a couple of years ago, we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood after lunch....  I still hope to live there someday.  We're working on it!

Next on the agenda was a stop at REI and Midwest Mountaineering to try on cross-training shoes.  The hubby's been watching for sales for me - for training for the 3 Day Walk.  But alas!  Neither store carried the shoes we were interested in anymore...  But, at Midwest, we picked up a brochure from Glacier National Park - our vacation destination for this summer!

After leaving the outfitters, we headed to Northeast Minneapolis to visit Indeed Brewing Company's new taproom.  What a great place!  It's in an old warehouse, kind of off the beaten path - but when you get there, it's packed with people enjoying good brews and good conversation!  We had a great time sitting there and trying a couple of new beers.  And yes, starting to plan our vacation!

Photo: Mike just sent me the one and only pic of me in my birthday...  Lol.

Love him...

By this time, the dinner hour had arrived and our stomachs were starting to growl...  Anchor Fish and Chips was nearby, and by this point I was completely off my diet - so fried fish it was!  I love this place.  Busy and crowded, great food, friendly servers, tattoos to admire...  Pink, purple hair.  Vintage clothes.  Love it.  So fun.  We shared a meal of fish and chips and a side of curry chips.  Delish!

And no...  I wasn't quite ready to go home.  We were having so much fun!  So we tried to visit Harriet Brewing Company - but they were having a private party...  Buggers!  Instead we finally checked out the Lyndale Tap House in the LynnLake neighborhood.  We finished off the night with a couple of beers (one I haven't had since we were in San Diego - Kona Brown Nut Brown Ale - with coconut!) and some March Madness basketball.

What a fun day!  And to top it all off - when we got home, my birthday present from Mike was waiting for me...  Pretty ironic, really.  We started planning our vacation to Glacier National Park - on a total whim - and when I get home, what's waiting for me?  Binoculars!!!  Ha ha ha.  And that's why I love my hubby so.  Perfect pair!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Sleeping in.
2.  Birthday messages, texts, posts, etc.
3.  Getting to help with brewing!
4.  Macarons!
5.  Daydreaming about living in a different place.
6.  Experiencing new places.
7.  Lots of laughing.
8.  A 3 mile walk!
9.  A day with no cares in the world.
10.  And sharing it with the hubby!

QotD:  Are you country or rock'n'roll?  Or hip hop, emo, punk, folk...?
I'd say lately, I'm mostly americana folk, or adult alternative?  But I like a wide variety of music!

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