Thursday, March 7, 2013

3 Day Walk - Six Weeks In!

Well, today is the last update I will give with "weeks in" in the title - from here on out, it's how many "weeks to go!"  My official "training" begins on Monday - so it will be 24 weeks til the Walk!

Uffda.  Seems very soon - and really far off all at the same time!

This week, I got a few more donations - up to $780 of my $2300 goal!  Woohoo!  (1/3 of the way there!)

I'm getting some flyers and posters ready to start hanging up, with my donation info on them.  This will be the next step in my fundraising.  I'm thinking in April I'll do an actual fundraiser of some sort...  Still dreaming of what that could be!

And yes, I've been on the elliptical several days a week.  Now, the weather should start warming up a little bit - soon - and the snow and ice should melt, too.  Then I can get outside for walks more often.  I believe on the training schedule, I'm supposed to get in four 3-mile walks next week...  So we'll see how that goes!  (The dog is going to love it!)

Thanks for all your continued support!  The notes I've been getting with the donations have been so heart-felt and inspiring - they mean the world to me!  It's a honor to be walking for so many amazing people...  Truly.

If you'd like to donate to my 3 Day, and haven't already, feel free to click on the giant pink 3Day button on the sidebar.  And yes - if you'd like to walk, I'd love the company!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Patience.
2.  Looks like we're brewing our first batch of beer this weekend...
3.  Hoodies.
4.  Loving my Lenten challenge of no TV in the mornings...  It's so peaceful.
5.  A lovely coffee date with a lovely young woman.
6.  People admitting when they need help.
7.  "Evening in Missoula" tea.
8.  Someone called me "skinny" tonight!  Hee hee.
9.  The writer, John O'Donahue.
10.  A senior high girl told me she hopes she finds a guy like my hubby someday - she said she wants a relationship like ours.  Awww...  Melts my heart!

QotD:  It's not a good idea to experiment with...
Tofu recipes.  Ohh...  We've had some bad ones recently!  Ick!

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