Saturday, March 2, 2013

Just Another Saturday

Today was our youth group's annual outing to a local ski hill.  14 kids and adults hitting the slopes - and I take a good book and cozy up in the chalet.

Not a bad way to spend a day!

It sounds lame, but I like being there when they come in to warm up, get snacks, and check in.  I like hearing all their stories about who's the fastest, who "bit it," what funny sites they saw along the way.  I like when they take videos on their phones of snowboarding stunts - and I'm the first to see them!

It's fun for me - to be outside the church and experience these kids in a setting that brings them to life!  Rosy cheeks.  Sweaty brows.  Laughter.  Teasing.

It's a good day.

And - I love when adults come, too!  A great way to get to know the parents, as well!  (This time, I was lucky to have a grandma come and sit with me in the chalet.  Very fun to hear about her life in Nebraska and the ways she serves her church and community.  And I loved her spunky personality!)

A good day.  For sure!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Breakfast with the hubby.
2.  Coffee.
3.  Lots of time to read my book!
4.  People watching at the ski hill.
5.  Hearing the kids' stories.
6.  Finally watched the last episode of "Downton Abby."
7.  Hubby went grocery shopping.
8.  Sun-Dried Tomato and Shrimp salad for dinner.  Yum!
9.  Laughing together over a beer that neither one of us liked - at all.  (That doesn't happen very often!)
10.  The song, "Take Me As I Am" by Faith Hill.  It came on while I was working out and reminded me of a road trip I took in high school, with my friends, Marnie.  Fun memories!

QotD:  Salty or sweet?
Lately?  Either!  They're both off limits...  Ha!  I was a little jealous of all the kids eating donuts at the ski lodge...  I probably crave sweets far more often than salt. 

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