Sunday, March 10, 2013


"God's answers don't always come through as loudly or clearly as full-page newspaper ads, but they find their way to us nevertheless.  Sometimes we don't hear an answer simply because we're not listening; we're not yet prayerful and meditative enough to have honed our spiritual "hearing."  Sometimes we don't hear an answer because the answer lies in more fully living the question.  And sometimes we hear exactly what God is telling us, but we are not yet prepared to own up to what we know.  By cultivating a state of mind in which we place our decisions where they belong, in the hands of One who always knows what we should do, we draw on a mystical power no worldly means of decision-making can match.  God will listen and God will answer, with a prescience and wisdom and intelligence and love for us and for everyone in the entire world."
--Marianne Williamson, Everyday Grace
Have you ever had those questions?  Those questions that are too big to spend much time on - because your brain feels like it will explode?  Who am I meant to be?  What is my life's purpose?  Those big questions?
I had starting thinking about some of these type of questions recently - and did a fair amount of praying over them and talking to many of the people in my life...  But felt like I wasn't getting anywhere.  No answers.  No clarity.  Feeling stuck.
Until one day and random newspaper article was placed on my desk.  The article itself didn't mean much to me - other than being slightly entertaining, but the story of the author intrigued me.  I went to her blog, which led me to another, which led me to some random websites...  And pretty soon, I felt like my prayer was being answered.
I began praying about, what next?  I talked to some of the people close to me - and they agreed with my "answer." 
Since then, I've had all kinds of moments of "Oh yeah?!"  Little bits thrown in my lap that are leading me to where I'm supposed to be...  Crazyness.  For sure.
But yes.  God does answer prayers.  God does listen to our struggles.  God does have a plan for us - often bigger than anything we would have imagined for ourselves! 
We just have to be paying attention.  Open to the "nudges."  And expectant of a God that is for us - and alongside us.
That's the kind of faith I love!
Things I am thankful for today:
1.  Remembering to change the clocks!  (Thanks to an emailed reminder last night!)
2.  Ladies at church that make me laugh...  Jo?!
3.  6 boys, grades 7-9, praying silently for a whole minute!
4.  The ethnic brunch at church today - a big party!
Photo: A fun "ethnic brunch" at church today!
5.  My new friend, Kathryn - the granddaughter of one of our church ladies.  We had a good time figuring out what countries the flags represented.
6.  Laughing with the hubby, the whole drive home, over funny things that happened at church today.
7.  Mike's beer is fermenting like crazy today!
Photo: Krausen is a beautiful thing.
8.  My wool blanket from Ireland.
9.  Time to work on my own fun stuff this afternoon.
10.  Feeling loved...
QotD:  What was the last movie you rented?
We borrowed "Bridesmaid" recently - very funny.  I watched "Billy Elliot" On Demand a few weeks ago - loved it.  (We don't really rent movies these days...!)

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