Monday, March 4, 2013


"I heard a self-help guy say once you could look in the mirror and give yourself something he called positive affirmations, like saying to yourself you are good or smart or talented.  I don't know if that works, to be honest.  Maybe it does.  But I do know one thing that works every time - it's having somebody else say something good about you.  I think that's how we were created, you know, to get named by people this way.  I think God speaks something meaningful into our lives and it fills us up and helps us change the world regardless of ourselves and our shortcomings.  His name for us is Beloved.  He hopes that we'll believe Him like I came to believe what {my} coach said about me.  He hopes we'll start to see ourselves as His beloved rather than think of all the reasons we aren't.

"...Words of encouragement are like that.  That have their own power.  And when they are said by the right people, they can change everything... the words people say to us not only have a shelf life but have the ability to shape life."
--Bob Goff, Love Does
I love Bob Goff.  Have I mentioned this before?  Pretty sure I have...  If you don't have his book, and you like funny stories; beautiful insights; and thoughts on living Love out loud - get the book.
It just makes you smile.
And feel loved.
Have a good Monday!
And share some good words with someone who needs to be lifted up - you could change their life without even knowing it!
Things I am thankful for today:
1.  A sweet text from the Hubby.
2.  Uplifting readings.
3.  Sticking to my Lenten challenge - no TV in the mornings!  I'm loving it.
4.  Another donation to my 3 Day Walk!  Thanks, Barb!
5.  Planning an outing with my youngest sister and her boyfriend when they're home on spring break.
6.  Trying another Medifast recipe...  Not bad!
7.  Hubby helping to get the house all cleaned up.
8.  The book, "Cutting for Stone."
9.  Fresh laundry.
10.  Encouraging words.
QotD:  What would you like to ask your mother?
Ha ha ha.  Ummm....  I'll have to think about that one...  I'll come back!

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