Monday, March 25, 2013

No Capes

"Do you know the movie The Incredibles?  There's a superhero dad in the movie, and he's tired of his desk job.  He sells insurance, I think, but he knows that's not the real him.  So he starts doodling on his sketch pad, drawing different superhero suits because we wants to go back to being who he knows he was really meant to be.  Most of the outfits he draws have capes because that's how most superheroes dress, and he wants to be the same as them.

"He has a friend, Edna, who makes superhero uniforms, and every time he shows her a design, she keeps telling him to lose the cape.  She shows him video clips of superheroes who wore capes, and in the end, the capes caused big problems for them, like getting caught on something and causing them to be sucked through a jet engine or worse.  That's her reason for my favorite line int he movie: 'No capes.'  Her point, I think, is that you can get a lot more stuff done without a cape.  I think Jesus agrees."
--Bob Goff, Love Does
Great chapter.  The whole thing!
Things I am thankful for:
1.  Good stories.
2.  Quiet Mondays.
3.  Getting things done.
4.  Spring is coming...!
5.  Going through my clothes and weeding out those that no longer fit.  Uffda!
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6.  Cute texts from friends.
7.  Planning a fun Science Museum outing!
8.  Green peppers.
9.  Notes from former youth group kids.
10.  Fun paper clips... 
QotD:  ____ made you laugh.
Bailey gave Mike "eskimo kisses" yesterday morning...  Very funny!

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