Saturday, March 30, 2013

Project Life

It finally came today!  My "Project Life" supplies are here - woo hoo! 

(I had hoped to spend my entire quiet day, between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, putzing away on this...  But it didn't arrive until 3:30pm!  Buggers.  So I only got a few hours in before a migraine took hold...  But, I got a good start and can't wait for another day to play!)

Basically, it's a scrapbooking kit - with photo pockets and these fun little journaling cards...
So all you have to do, is print out your pictures, and write little notes about things that happened that week.  That's it!
I had some fun little stickers I'm using to decorate a little more...
But basically, all the "creative" parts are already done!  I love it!
I'm thinking next Sunday, I'll be jumping in again...  Fun!
What did you do today?
Things I am thankful for today:
1.  A day off.
2.  Waking up at my normal time and getting things done.
3.  Watching season 2 of "Girls."
4.  A "warm" beautiful day.
5.  A thunderstorm early in the morning.
6.  Getting ready for our nephew, Brandon's, visit.
7.  Excedrin PM - the perfect weapon for my migraine!
8.  My peanut butter reappeared - with a SHMILY note.  Thanks, honey!
9.  Loving my new shamrock - so pretty.  Thanks, Jill!
10.  Green tea.
QotD:  Pick a color for today.
Green...  I'm so looking forward to lots of GREEN!

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