Thursday, February 11, 2010

Memory Box Thursday - February 11, 2010

Here's another glimpse into my past as I clean out my gigantic "Memory Box" in my closet...  Little peeks into what my life has been about... and why I am the way I am!  Ha ha ha.

Here we go!

My little yellow duckie.  This tiny plush toy was a prize in a McDonald's happy meal, oh, probably 10 years ago.  I was visiting my boyfriend (future hubby) at his park where he interned for an entire summer - and I got a migraine.  It was probably the first time he saw me with a REALLY bad migraine and he didn't know how to help or how to make me feel better.  He took very good care of me that weekend.  And when it was time for me to leave, this little duckie was on the steering wheel, with a note saying he was my headache good luck charm - he would ward off migraines for me.  So cute.
A funny little angel.  She was my Secret Santa gift from a co-worker in the dorms.  She's meant to be a guardian angel.  I was surprised the person who gave it to me would have anything to do with angels.  Now, I usually bring her out at Christmas...

A Blue Ribbon!  Probably the only blue ribbon I have gotten - or will get - in athletics.  It was "Field Day" at John Clem Elementary School.  I think I was in 5th grade.  I don't even remember what event it was for.  But it was a BLUE ribbon and that's all that mattered!

A newspaper clipping about my crush being in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."    Ha ha ha.  In 9th grade I had a huge crush on Bill Sather.  TOTAL crush.  He was a senior.  He didn't know that I existed.  And that was fine.  But I still think he was the best amateur "Joseph" ever.  Wonder where he is today?

A postcard from my friend, Emily.  This cracked me up!  It's from when she took a trip to Montana in high school.  Her review of Yellowstone?  "It smells funny."  But she was quick to note there were lots of gorgeous men!  Ha ha ha.  Her "PS" said, "If you go to Menard's, say hi to 'what's his butt' for me."  Funniest part about that?  She's now married to "what's his butt."  Love it.

A letter from my high school friend, Kathy.  Kathy was a friend that was involved in Peer Counseling with me.  We were always talking about other people's problems - and were used to sharing our "downs" with each other.  Most people at school probably didn't even realize we were close friends - we never socialized in the same circles...  But this letter was an acknowledgement that our friendship was real - not just based on circumstances.  We were the kind of friends who could be there, even in high school, when things "weren't ok."  Everyone needs people like that in their lives... especially in high school!

A birthday card from my Grandparents, for my 18th birthday.    It's always good to find those words from my Grandma now.  I miss her lots.  This note was full of how much joy I brought them, how proud they were, and even some encouragement about my spiritual growth.  I feel like she's still here when I read her handwriting...  (And, a note about the $15 she sent for a "little spending money"!  Ha ha ha.  So cute.)

Daily notes from my family for a mission trip.  Each envelope tells me which day to open it.  So funny.  It must be from my senior year trip to Puerto Rico...  There's lots of "adios" at the end of the notes - and each note asks if I'm tan yet...  A note from my youngest sister, who was probably four years old (dictated to Mom, of course), telling me that my hamster missed me and that Mom was happy she hadn't escaped from her cage!  Ha ha ha.  Lots of prayers and "miss yous" - I know those notes always meant the world to me on those trips.  I always opened them as soon as I woke up!

Some drawings from my sketchbook.  Drawings done when I was in junior high.  I had a teacher in California that taught us how to use pastels, use shading, draw trees and leaves, and add depth to our drawings.  So lots of my sketches involved those skills.  They're pretty basic...  But it's still fun to look back on.  I think the teacher's name was Mrs. Langer.  I really liked her - I think she was one of the first teachers I had that pointed out my strengths instead of my weaknesses.  All teachers should do that more...
My first novel.  The same teacher had us write our first novel in 6th grade.  Chapters, illustrations, reviews, copyright, and author notes.  Yikes.  Mine was about a girl who was home alone, and someone was trying to break in.  She had to use her wit and fast-thinking to get out of the troublesome situation!  Ha ha ha.  It was all of 20 pages...  And the COVER.  Oh Lord, the cover.  Purple, green, and orange squiggly things.  This material was meant to be my "jams" when those crazy long shorts were in style.  Mom was going to make me some...  Well, that never happened.  So the cover of my book, it was!

Oh dear.  This is quite the experience.  There is a lot of laughing when I pull these things out.  That's for sure!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Holding onto letters and cards.  I always think it's stupid to throw them in a box...  But what great memories when you go back to read them years later.
2. Feeling caught up at work.
3.  Getting to pray with Norma on the phone yesterday.  Such an honor.
4.  The last night of our "Way of Pilgrimage" Bible Study.  It was hard to come to an end...  We may do it again in the spring!
5.  Using our candlelit sanctuary as a "labyrinth" during a prayer exercise - so meaningful!
6.  Coming home to start the weekend!
7.  A phone call on my way to work, from a former youth group kid - asking for dating advice.  Ha!  So cute!
8.  The hubby was supposed to go up in a helicopter to do a deer count - but it got postponed due to a musk ox at the zoo giving birth!  Yikes!  You don't hear that excuse at work very often!
9.  A note from a friend in Colorado saying she'll be stopping by on Good Friday!  Very cool!
10.  Valentines date tomorrow!


Emily said...

I am horrified and embarrassed at my own ridiculousness. Ugh! It's a miracle you are still friends with me, as I was/am really quite silly.

Mom said...

I don't think I will ever outlive the "jams" story!!!!!!!

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