Thursday, February 18, 2010


"What do you think are your talents, your authentic gifts?  Are you using them in your work, your life, right now?
If you could have 10 other career choices, what would they be, who would you be?
What was one of your 'real' moments of success?  What really happened before that photo was taken of you holding your trophy?
Joseph Campbell spoke of 'following your bliss.'  What is your bliss?  What activity makes you glow, makes the hours slip away, makes you lose track of time?"
--Sarah Ban Breathnach, "Something More"

These are the questions I'll be pondering today...  I'll come back and answer them tonight.  What about you?  What is your talent, your authentic gift, your bliss?

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Cold OJ.
2.  The hubby bringing me dinner at work.
3.  Getting to watch Grey's Anatomy for the first time since before Christmas!
4.  Evan L. winning men's figure skating.  So fun to watch!
5.  Yummy muffins at work to celebrate Diane's birthday.
6.  My new prayer book...  So cool.
7.  Sharing frustrations.
8.  Linda's out of the hospital!
9.  The dog is really cute right now...
10.  Sleep.

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Carol E. said...

I think I'm in my dream job,because I get to work with young adults who need help... I like helping, I like the age group, I like trying to make a difference. Whether or not I am perfectly suited to this job is a question... well,the answer would be no. I could use a lot of improvement. but I've been working hard and having the time of my life. What a gift it has been!!! I'm feeling nostalgic and sad in preparation for June!!!!

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