Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fave Five - February 26th

It's FRIDAY!  Time to look over the last week and take notice of the things that make us smile.  If you'd like to play along...  Link up at Susanne's blog!
Here are mine:

1.  Spending the day at a ski hill last Saturday with some youth and adults from my church.  It was so fun to hang out, laugh, and spend a beautiful day out with people.  I even made a new friend at the chalet... 

2.  Our church's first 24 Hour Prayer Vigil was last weekend - and they rocked it!  I've asked people to send me stories of their experiences during their prayer times...  So cool.  So moving.  So powerful!

3.  My book group being the sweet people they are.  I was overwhelmed and crazy last week through the weekend... so they canceled book group this week to give me a break.  So sweet - but I missed them!

4.  We had a fun game night at church on Wednesday.  I got to play Jenga, Uno, Bingo, Would You Rather... and probably something else!  I was playing with one of our younger members, little Jacob (he's 8? maybe?) - and he has a very short attention span, which kept our group on our toes!  But we laughed and had so much fun!

5.  Phone calls with my sister and my mom.  Goofiness.  Laughter.  So much fun.

And...  Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Sleeping in an hour.  Thank you, Bailey!
2.  Lunch with the hubby before he left town for the weekend.
3.  Paychecks.
4.  A GORgeous day!
5.  Running errands all afternoon - and everyone was in a good mood and friendly!  (That doesn't happen very often...)
6.  Buying my suitcase for our trip... 
7.  3 weeks til we go to Europe!
8.  New shoes.
9.  A yummy dinner of pasta!
10. The smell of bread baking in the bread maker....


Laura said...

You have so many things to be thankful -- it's uplifting just to read your FFF. What a blessing!

Hope the coming week will be just as blessed for you.

Take care and happy weekend.

Robin said...

Even though it seems you were busy, it sounds like it was a nice week.

Beth said...

I tried leaving a comment from my Itouch and it didn't work yesterday...anyway...I am so looking forward to this week of temps being in the 30's ...and the sun has lifted by spirits! You did have a great week...see you very soon!

Willow said...

What a happy FFF this week! You sounds so happy.

Susanne said...

Sounds like a busy but wonderful week. Skiing is so much fun, I just wish my legs could handle it. But half the fun is being with people and enjoying it with them.

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