Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Fave Five - February 12th

This week's favorite five things:

1.  Watching 20 hot air balloons fly over the St. Croix River Valley!  I almost forgot about the "Hot Air Affair" going on last weekend... then we were out doing errands and happened to see a balloon far off in the distance.  I quick asked the hubby to drive over the bridge to Hudson, WI.  And, being the sweet guy that he is, he did.  It was beautiful and wonderful!  Check out the pictures from my cell phone here.

2.  Hanging out at home with the hubby for the Super Bowl.  We had so much fun, cuddled up in our sweats, eating delicious food, and laughing at the stupid commercials!  It was nice and relaxing.  A good night.

3.  Meeting our friend, Barb, for happy hour downtown.  She got a new job after being laid off over a year ago - so we were celebrating!  Then, the hubby and I went to a favorite pub for their Irish Traditional Music sessions...  But apparently we missed something somewhere... there was no live music...  But we still had a fun time night - good drinks, good conversation...  Love it.

4.  A fun phone call from my sister in Alaska.  We spent about half and hour talking about food and recipes - so funny!  We laughed, compared our favorite cookbooks, and even discovered we've been making some of the same recipes lately!  Too funny. 

5.  Our Valentines Date tonight!  Plans to go out fell through, but the hubby made me crab legs for dinner!  That's a winner right there!  Then, we curled up and watched the Olympics Opening Ceremonies. Awesome.  I loved the special effects, the punk dancers, and the slam poet. Loved it.  Good night home with the hubby!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  A day off.  Competely off. 
2.  Naps.  And lots of them!
3.  A good workout.
4.  A good hair day.
5.  Crab legs.  Yum.
6.  Nilla wafers with pudding and bananas.  Double yum.
7.  Creativity and innovation.  A beautiful thing.
8.  An opening ceremony that explores all kinds of elements of their culture - not just the classical and elegant.
9.  Oh, I forgot!  Cornbread and honey butter with the crab legs.  Oh yeah.
10.  A lovely hubby.  We always have fun together - even sitting home.  Love it.

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