Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Emily!

"Sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship."
--Margaret Mead
Today is my sister, Emily's, birthday!  For 28 years we have played, fought, laughed, cried, argued, surprised, wondered about... and loved each other. 

We were horrible as little kids - playing Barbies happily one minute, pulling out each other's hair the next!  We tried sharing a room with bunk beds... and then I found myself in a tiny little room - as long as I could have it to myself!  Sometimes we were too much alike - causing competition and distrust.  Other times we were so opposite we thought the other was simply crazy!

Through the years, we've chosen our own paths in life.  We've made decisions that sometimes looked nutty to the rest of the world - but we supported one another.  We've cheered for each other in the good times, and cried with one another in the hard times.  There are times we have been distant... and times we can't seem to have enough time together!

Over the last few years, Emily has gotten married, moved to Pittsburgh - where her and her husband created a wonderful life full of friends and community, they've had a beautiful little girl, and now have moved even farther away - to ALASKA!  But somehow, through all of these transitions and changes - we're the closest we've ever been.  It's a huge blessing in my life - and today, I am so thankful for you, Em!

After talking on the phone the other night about recipes, skhoop skirts (!), and other funny stories, I walked out to the living room to my hubby asking, "did you ever think you and your sister would spend 45 minutes laughing and talking about recipes on the phone?!"  Nope...  Never did.  And I love it!

Happy Birthday, Em.  I love you!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Cinnamon sugar.
2.  The dog being overly affectionate.
3.  Some fun new books - "Be The Surprise!" is a fun, quick read.
4.  Getting out of the office for a while today.
5.  Sunshine!
6.  Bison chipotle taco leftovers.  Mmmm...
7.  A fun phone call from Em on her birthday...  I was supposed to call her!
8.  A fun phone call with Mom, too.
9.  A glass of red wine at the end of the day.
10.  Getting excited for our upcoming trip to Europe!


Mom said...

Very nice!! I am glad you have each other!!

Diane said...

Looks like you and your sister have the exact same smile...imagine that! And an infectious smile it is!

emily said...

Awww Meg. That's nice. I got a little choked up.
Miss you.
Thank you. :)

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