Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My cold is in full swing...  I feel as though I've fallen into a vortex.  Ick.

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Getting a bunch done at work and leaving early.
2.  Hand sanitizer.
3.  Cold drugs.
4.  Kleenex.
5.  Hot tea.
6.  People who say, "You look like crap.  Maybe you should go home."
7.  A 2 hour nap.
8.  A decision to stay home from a meeting.
9.  Watching "The Voice" in my pjs, on the couch, with my nephew and I guessing what the judges are going to do.
10. Hearing about an excellent prayer session at church for all the hurting people in our congregation.  (Wishing I was there, but glad to know it happened.)

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