Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter - a day for many festive tables!

I started the day with our Sunrise (ahem, 8:30am) service at church.  When we walked into the sanctuary, the black drapes from Maundy Thursday still covered the altar, communion table, lecturns, communion rail, cross, and baptismal font...  It was an empty, dreary sight to walk into and our pastor reminded us in her greeting that the first Easter morning, indeed, did start out this way.  The ladies walked to the tomb, still in their grief, ready to care for Jesus' dead body...  We sang the hymn, "Up From the Grave He Arose" as the black shrouds were replaced with white linens and white lilies and pink azaleas filled the space!  Such a transformation - to be celebrated with a communion meal...  A table all were invited to.

After the second service, the fellowship hall was filled with tables of families and friends sharing in a delightful brunch!  Kids were running around searching for Easter eggs, parents laughing and taking pictures, friends catching up...  Tables full of joy and laughter to celebrate the day!

Finally, around 12:30pm, I got to come home and take my post-church nap.  Ahhh...

And then get ready to fill another table!  The hubby and his nephew came home from Wisconsin and my parents came over to share Easter dinner with us.  I dyed Easter eggs and hid them for the group - just for fun!  Then we sat down to enjoy a simple, but nice meal together.  (And a little "Apples to Apples" action afterwards!  Nothing like a little game and laughter to end the evening!)

Empty tables...  Sad and dreary, reminding us of a loss.  Communion Tables...  dressed and set, welcoming all who will come, to remember our Savior.  Community tables...  crammed and noisy, full of life and activity.  Family tables...  warm and cozy, nourishing in so many ways.

Today I am thankful for:

1.  A stark reminder of how Easter really would have felt at sunrise...
2.  Beautiful flowers!
3.  Heartfelt communion moments.
4.  Easter egg hunts - and excited kids!  (especially the ones who put their buckets on their heads...  or are the same size as their bucket!)
5.  Candy.  Especially Reese's peanut butter eggs and Jelly Bellys...
6.  Hugs from kids who had moved away and were visiting... 
7.  The nephew picking us to spend his spring break with!
8.  A family dinner.
9.  Apples to Apples.  I love this game!
10.  Crawling into bed after a long day....

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