Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easy Going Saturday

A New Orleans style breakfast of beignets and chickory coffee - straight from New Orleans, thanks to the hubby's mom!
A walk with the dogs through our little nature area...  Beautiful weather - and happy pups!

A visit from my parents when they came to pick up Hershey and some nice chatting.

A phone call from my sis in Alaska - lots of laughs, as usual.  (Complete with knock knock jokes from my niece!)

A Delicious spring dinner of morel risotto, beets, and homemade french bread...  With a little white wine.  Perfect.

To finish off the day - cuddling up to watch the movie "How To Tame Your Dragon."  (We actually considered making a blanket fort to watch the movie in...  We were just too tired to put it together by this point...)  Can I say, I loved this movie?!  I really wish I had seen it in the theater in 3D - it would have been wonderful, I think!

Just the kind of easy-going, laid back, fun day I needed.  A REAL Saturday, with NO work!  Yeah!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Sleeping in.
2.  Laughing with the two dogs.
3.  Our first experiment in frying food - beignets.  Yum!
4.  Windows open!
5.  A nice walk.
6.  A fun grocery shopping trip - it's always fun when we go together!
7.  Cooking together.
8.  A fabulous dinner.
9.  Laughing all day.
10.  Loving my life.

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Mom said...

As we drove away from your house, Dad says, "Hmmm.. dinner sounded pretty good ----maybe we should have taken them up on the invite!"We thought it would look kinda' tacky turning around:) Thanks for taking care of Hershey!

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