Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So, today was a day.  Not bad, not great - just bumming along, anxious for our book group to meet!  We only meet once a month now, and that just feels way too long!  We have so much to share now - what's going on in our lives, the highs and lows, what we felt about the book - and what we want to do about it... 

So in the midst of our meeting last night - enjoying some yummy rice krispie bars, laughing about all kinds of stuff...  The yoga instructer (you know the kind - cute, tiny, skinny, sweet-as-can-be) from the class next door came over to ask if she could close our door.  We were too loud.  And laughing too much.

She closed the door, and one of us said, "She can close the door, but I'm still going to laugh!"  Which, of course, made us all burst into not-so-quiet laughter!

Then, one of the other ladies started telling a more serious story about something in her life that relates to the very serious book we've been reading...  All of a sudden, all I could concentrate on was the odd noises coming from the other room...  Barking.  And really loud OHMs!

I was trying not to laugh during my friend's story...  But man, was that distracting!

Oh dear...  The conflict of having yoga and a crazy book group sharing the building at the same time...  It can be rather humorous!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Prayer.
2.  Resources.
3.  Laughter.
4.  Coming home for a quick dinner with the hubby.
5.  The book "Half the Sky."  Read it!
6.  My ipod.
7.  My Easter week has gotten a little quieter...  Gotta like that!
8.  The dog is learning to let me brush her teeth!  She's doing so good!
9.  It looks like the snow went south of us!  Woo-hoo!
10.  A documentary that was on PBS late tonight, called "Bag It" - about our use of plastic in the USA.  Really interesting!


Beth said...

Okay...this cracked me up...back story...on my work computer for some reason I can't get your blog to load...only the title of the post...so when it said OHM...I was dying inside...I had to wait til now to read your post...Okay...I was sitting her reading the post and almost wetting myself..OHMMMMMM

I was anxious all day yesterday too!

Carol E. said...

I didn't even hear any of the OHMs!

Mari said...

I heard the OHMS and the BARKS!

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