Thursday, April 7, 2011


Tonight, we had our first prep meeting for a Conspiracy of Kindness activity at church.  This all started with a book that was placed on my desk last fall.  It was a book published in the early 80's - and looked cheesy as could be.  I picked it up and read through it anyway... out of couriosity. 

It looked like a great ministy for our church - small acts of kindness to share the love of God in practical ways.  No huge time commitments.  No huge money commitments.  We'd just need people with big hearts to do nice things for people they didn't know - and be able to tell the people that we are "showing God's love in a practical way."

I got a group of 8-10 people to read the book with me and start brainstorming ideas.  We met for 7 weeks - and have a lot of fun ideas!

So what's next?  We're planning!  We're doing!  (I honestly wasn't sure if we'd get to this point - but we ARE!)

So tonight, we planted basil seeds in cute little starter trays and on the Saturday before Mother's Day we plan to go down to our little "Village" area with shops, stores, and restaurants and hand out these little plants in honor of the women that make a difference in people's lives.  Maybe we'll hand them to dads out with the kids - and encourage them to take them home to mom.  Maybe we'll hand them to the women themselves and thank them for all the ways they make the world a better place...  So many fun possibilities!

But I'm sure there will be some smiles.  Some laughs.  Some "I don't get why your giving this to me for free!"

But it's a first step for our team - a first to many more, I hope!

And besides...  I just love the name "Conspiracy" of Kindness...  I like being mischievious.

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Driving around with a trunk full of birthday bags...  It just makes me smile.
2.  The weather is continuing to warm up!
3.  Our friend, Barb's, surgery seems to have gone well today!
4.  Subway turkey sandwiches.
5.  Laughing with the Conspiracy ladies.
6.  The hubbies educational re-cap of the beer tasting that I missed. 
7.  Our orchid is looking beautiful!
8.  Beginning to plan for our "month of play" in May!
9.  A cuddly pup when I got home.
10.  Going to bed early!

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Andrea, the little collector said...

I think this is the kind of conspiracy I could get behind. How fun!

p.s. Love the birthday bags too. :)

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