Monday, April 25, 2011


Today was an unusual day to be sure!

It's my day off, after the busy-ness of Holy Week.  And our 14 year-old nephew, Brandon, is visiting for the week.

The hubby had to work today, so Brandon and I slept in (til 10am - awesome!).  Then, over breakfast, we discussed what a beautiful day it was turning into and decided to take the dog for a nice long walk. 

On our nice long walk, we started talking about all kinds of fun things - like science and animals, places we'd like to visit or live, and what we like to learn about...  In the coarse of the conversation, I asked if he'd like to go to Como Zoo that afternoon?

Of course!  So we packed a a picnic lunch and headed to the zoo.  We played with the giraffes, seals, orangutans, artic foxes, and many others...  Walked all over the place...  Shared our lunch by the monkey cages...  and had a great time.

Sounds like a productive day, right?

That's just the beginning!

When the hubby came home, we headed to Mall of America to ride the amusement park rides!  Uff-da!  With unlimited wristbands and a Monday night - you can get a LOT of riding in!  (I had to bum out after an hour and a half...  I was getting a head cold and needed to let my brains find their equilibrium again.  But the boys kept riding for another hour and a half!) 

Funny side story...  On the spinning rollercoaster, we were about to get into our 4-person car when a little kid came out of nowhere and jumped in with us.  He couldn't have been more than 5 years old and as I looked around I realized he didn't have anyone with him!  I ended up making sure he had his seatbelt on and the lapbars tightend... and he talked my ear off the entire ride (including warning me that he would scream like a little girl - I loved him on the spot!).  We rode this ride three times - with him.   He just loved it and wanted me, his new friend, with him each time...  We finally had to go do some other things, so I asked where his family was and he said, "I don't know!  See ya!" and away he ran!  I was horrified that someone wasn't with him - he was so little and so trusting....  A little while later, on another ride, my hubby ended up helping another kid up into the seat and with the lap bars...  I kind of chuckled.  Where would the kids of this park be without the hubby and I?

Anyway...  after hours of riding rides, Brandon decided he wanted to try sushi.  (A boy after my own heart.)  So we went to Tiger Sushi and gave him the full experience - even sitting at the sushi bar so he could watch them make the rolls.  A very fun experience - and I'm proud to say - He liked it!

And yes, we finished the night with a little gelato...  (Which was also a success, seeing as though our nephew is not a big ice cream eater.)

An unusually busy and crazy day - but, oh, so fun!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Sunshine.
2.  A lovely walk with Brandon and the dog.
3.  Fun conversations.
4.  Monkeys and Giraffes.  They made us laugh.
5.  Naps.
6.  Reasons to spend an evening at the amusement park.  Loved it.
7.  Cute little kids that make me giggle.
8.  Brandon's willingness to try new things.
9.  The boys letting me tag along.
10.  A full day = a good night's sleep!  (and Nyquil)

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Kayla said...

Very impressed and jealous about Tiger Sushi! Glad he liked it :]
(And I know if it was my too-trusting kid, I would want them to find you at the MOA :P )

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