Friday, April 15, 2011


Ok...  the saga continues.  Today, as I was out running errands, I had to wait for about 20 minutes at an appointment so I took my book with me.  Yep, you got it.  Still reading, "Half the Sky."

(I'm going to have to not finish it, I think.  It's costing me too much money.  And when the hubby comes home from his hiking weekend...  I'm gonna get scolded.)

So, today I was reading about the Congo in Africa.  About how rape is considered a weapon of war.  Women, daughters, little girls are raped - just because!  A 16 year-old boy soldier was quoted saying, "It's a soldiers right to rape girls."

Oh my Lord.  It made me want to puke.

The poor girls of the Congo...  They can barely leave their houses for fear of the inevitable.  And the police are of no help - if you report that you were raped... the police will likely rape you, too.

These girls are raped, beaten, tortured, and left for dead.  Broken in every way.

I want to puke.  Again.

So...  As I got to wondering how I could save a girl from the Congo...  I decided to log onto World Vision's website and do what I could for one girl.

I sponsored a child today.  Her name is Mete and she is 5 years old.  She was the only picture I saw with a smile - and I decided I would do what I could to keep her smiling.

She's considered a "Hope Child" on the site due to the horrible health conditions in the Congo...  HIV and AIDS are rampant (Gee, ya think?  Might have something to do with a culture of tolerating rape?!).  As of now her health is good...  But who knows what will happen down the road.  I'll be curious to get her information in a few weeks - to know if she has parents, siblings, or is an orphan...

I'm sure you'll be hearing stories about my kid, Mete, once in awhile...  If you have ideas on how to encourage her lovely smile - I'm open to them!  It seems like such a hard thing to do from halfway across the world...  I wish I could wrap her in my arms and protect her from all the evil in her world...

I'll be praying for her - will you, too?

(And I'm just kidding - I totally intend to finish this book, as much as it hurts to do so...)

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Getting lots of chores done.
2.  Birthday presents for god-daughters. 
3.  4 of my microloans through have been fully financed already!  The ladies get to make some dreams come true!
4.  A clean house.
5.  A dreary day - good for getting things done inside.
6.  My house-finches are back!
7.  Cold pizza.
8.  Mete's smile.
9.  World Vision.  I've done a lot through them in the past - it's a great organization!
10.  Good music to dance to!  (While cleaning, of course...)
11.  I just saw this online - how awesome is she?!

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