Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Today I had a moment.  A moment when things seem so clear.

In realizing how many times in the last month or so, I've listened to other people talk about all the things they wish were different in their lives, all the things they wished they had, all the changes they wanted to make (but weren't willing to spend the energy to make them happen) - I had an epiphany.

I have plenty.

I love and am in love with my hubby.  I have a great family and wonderful friends.  I love my home (and look forward to the day we can buy a house - but are working to get there).  I love my job.  I have creative and fun hobbies; interests and activities that give me joy; and skills and talents that can be used to bring comfort and peace to those around me.  I have enough - and am blessed to be able to give some away.

Sure there are things about myself I'd like to improve... and I do need to spend more time and energy on those things.  But, these aren't things that make me feel "less than."  And they certainly aren't worth complaining about.

I have plenty.
Life is good.
In fact, it's pretty darn great.

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  New cooking magazines!
2.  Getting lots of my busy work done!
3.  A leftover muffuletta sandwich for lunch!
4.  Coming home early.
5.  Making dinner for the hubby.
6.  Eating our lovely dinner - and watching American Idol.  Too funny.
7.  Seeing 3 bluebirds on our walk tonight!
8.  The dog's pure giddiness on our walk.
9.  Coming home to see one of our tents set up in the living room...  Hubby had someone coming to buy it.  (It made me sad to see it go - it was a good tent for us for the last several years...  We've had some funny stories on those trips!)
10.  Knowing, even when unexpected bills come, we can manage.  We have plenty.

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Beth said...

I wish that more people could get to the place of knowing they had "plenty" We have always lived a "smaller" lifestyle. It was a lesson my girls struggled with but are so thankful for...they actually tell me that! Beautiful post Megan!

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