Monday, April 18, 2011

New Orleans Food

Yum.  I've been craving one of my favorite kind of sandwiches for a couple of weeks now...  But there aren't many restaurants with it on the menu (around here, at least), so today I browsed the net til I found one that looked good.

And Wa-la!  Delish!
A muffuletta sandwich...  A New Orleans standby.  Salty, melty, doughy deliciousness...

I'll post the recipe later this week...  It's well worth sharing!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  A quick roadtrip this morning to take Kayla back to school at Winona State.
2.  Seeing 5 eagles this morning, bunches of turkeys, and a hawk swooping in on jumping fish!
3.  4 hours in the car with great music!
4.  Unusual and funny decorating ideas.  (Ahem.  Kayla.)
5.  The hubby's home!
6.  Chatting about our weekends.
7.  Muffuletta sandwiches...  Fabulous.
8.  Finding everything I needed at the grocery store in one trip!
9.  A new recipe for Rice Krispie bars... 
10.  Heated car seats and an open moonroof...  Spring in MN.


Kayla said...

Oh jeez...
I'm glad I got to see you! Had a wonderful weekend :D

Beth said...

Next time you go to nona and need a car buddy I will go!

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