Saturday, April 16, 2011


Today is a day for laughing...  Because if I don't laugh, I will cry.

Why you ask? 
Because of this:
Welcome to April in Minnesota.  It can really stink some years...

So, we laugh.

And then I go to my god-daughter, Elly's, 3rd birthday party!  Now, that can bring a smile to my face!

The minute I walked in the door, she came yelling, "Megan's here!"

Smile.  Laugh.  Feel loved.

She was surrounded by family and friends - and well aware of how adored and loved she is!  She played with each toy as it was opened (pleased as punch with them all!), she started the singing of Happy Birthday to herself, she paraded around with her new Duluth Pack, horsey, western hat, and golf clubs...  And had a ball!
(She also got a new Joe Mauer shirt!  Lucky girl!)

Elly gave me lots of laughs today...  What a joy to be in her life!  (Thanks, Em and Jeremy!)

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Knowing the snow will melt quickly...
2.  Elly!
3.  All the family spoiling little Elly rotten.  Too cute.
4.  Super cute bee cupcakes!
5.  Loads of laundry DONE.
6.  The band, The Civil Wars.  LOVE them.
7.  The dog letting me brush her teeth...  Yeah, I know.  Not very exciting, but a huge improvement in our house!
8.  Reading my book in bed.
9.  I think our neighbors are moving... 
10. I saw another bluebird today!

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Mom said...

I saw a bluebird in the neighborhood also! Very exciting! (If Emily R. reads this--yes I'm a geek when it comes to Eagles and bluebirds and alot of other kinds!). Sorry, I didn't think the snow was at all funny:(

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