Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Healthy Eating

As we continue to strive to eat in healthier ways...  We've decided to try yet another new thing!

We're subscribing to True Cost Farms for our meat supply this summer! 

"The fine flavor and texture of our products is a result of our focus on quality.

We raise a variety of rare, slow-growing breeds, selected for their deep flavors and excellent health. They grow in natural living conditions and are treated with care and respect. We actively manage their environment, regularly rotating the animals to fresh fields of pasture and ensuring their access to the most nutritious feed possible. We carefully and artfully process the meat with superior taste in mind.

"We chose the name True Cost Farm because the price of our products reflects the complete cost of raising food according to the principles of true farming. Most food in this country comes from conventional factory farms, which focus on quantity, not quality. They produce food that's deceptively cheap, but there are many hidden costs. Their practices have dire and expensive consequences for individual and public health, the quality of our air, water and soil, animal well-being, and much more.

"At True Cost Farm, you pay for what is true and what is right – fine food, sustainably raised."


Last year, we experimented with the farmers' markets, picking berries, growing some herbs and tomatos ourselves, and canning and freezing produce...  This year we're on to discovering new ways to buy and use meat!

It seems the less I buy at the grocery store these days... the happier I am!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  A quiet day of work.
2.  Getting on the same page.
3.  Lunch with Eric and Penny.
4.  The beautiful flowers at the church, leftover from a funeral (of a wonderful woman!) - they're aroma fills the church!  I love it.
5.  My black squirrel has started visiting my office window again.
6.  Funny Faecbook statuses.
7.  Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.
8.  Placing our order for True Cost Farms!
9.  Making a yummy fettucine alfredo for dinner.
10.  Windows still open at 8:30pm...  Love it!


Mom said...

I am really excited to see how this goes for you--we thought we would wait and see how you like it-

Jill said...

Interesting! I just got an email from Corner Table today about a new box of stuff program they are starting this year. I was going to ask you and Mike a few months ago if you wanted to share a garden plot with me at Dodge. . . but then I chickened out on the whole idea because the plots sounded big to me and I worried that this would be something I'd like for about 2 weeks, then it would get old. And I know I would miss the farmer's market. But I am going to pay closer attention to what is going on in the plot area when I walk over there this summer ;)

Beth said...

We are trying to switch over to eating more "raw" foods! (not meat for me!) but fresh stuff! I know this will have to be more of a summer adventure tho! I know that the more chemicals I put in my body the ickier I feel!

Emily said...

Say hello to Jack McCann for me!

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