Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ladies of Grace - September 30

Have you experienced a gift of grace this week? Have you given grace to someone else? Have you felt your heart softened and warmed, or hardened and cooled toward an experience or situation? If so, take a moment to share your experience and link up to Walk a Mile's experiment called "Ladies of Grace." We take a moment each week to notice how our thoughts or actions - or others' actions towards us - affect how we live out grace in our lives. Here's mine for this week:

My gift came from a youth group member from my church in Wisconsin... from seven years ago! She found me on Facebook today and sent a nice note - informing me that she is now a senior in college and applying for law school! Whoa! I feel so old...

But what a wonderful surprise! One, that she remembers me. Two, that she chose to make contact with me. And three, that it was so fun finding out that life is treating her well and she seems happy.

I don't think anyone understands how weird it is to leave behind a whole community of teenagers when, as a youth director, you leave a church - unless you've been there. These kids trust you with their joys, their questions, their doubts, their fears, and their hopes... And then, life changes and either they leave you or you leave them - and you may never hear from them again. I think about my old kids all the time - I wonder where they are and if they've found their way through life. Some have found me, and I have found some - mostly on Facebook - and it's so fun to see where life has taken them. I am so proud of so many of their accomplishments and the people they turned out to be!

So, thanks, Ashley, for making me smile today!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. One more morning at home, to sleep and rest.
2. Wearing my cute new Keens!
3. More cherry tomatoes on my desk this morning! Yum!
4. Funny emails back and forth with the hubby this morning.
5. Talking with my sister today about her new life in Alaska. So fun!
6. Papa John's pizza - I usually crave this when I'm getting over being sick... but I think my hubby has been craving it for me this time!
7. I got a travel magazine in the mail today with a whole section about Ireland - so fun to look back!
8. Ashley's Facebook invitation!
9. Make-up. Everyone told me I looked good today when I still felt kind of icky. It was the make-up. Ha ha ha.
10. A cleaned out work back pack - so much lighter!

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Beth said...

Megs... what a neat thing to happen for you! It is so cool when the younger set seeks out people like must have made a difference in her life!

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