Sunday, September 27, 2009


"Joseph Campbell tells us to 'follow our bliss' if we want life to be rich, deep, and meaningful. Follow your bliss and doors will open. Follow your bliss, and you'll get on the track created especially for you at the beginning of time.

"Could your bliss and an authentic life be one and the same? What if, whatever it is that makes you ecstatic, brings you joy, sends you soaring, satisfies your hunger, fulfills your yearning, ignites your passion, makes you reach out to others, and gives you peace - in other words, your bliss - is also the Kingdom of Heaven?"
--Simple Abundance

Things I am thankful for today:

1. An understanding boss. I woke up with the flu today. Yuck.
2. Having everything ready to go at church - so hopefully, it got done without me.
3. My "magic couch." I sleep well on this couch no matter what!
4. My hubby going to pick up the dog from my parents.
5. My dog - she cuddles so well when I don't feel good!
6. Sprite and saltines.
7. Hot showers.
8. Comfy pjs.
9. My hubby describing "The Amazing Race" to me while I had my eyes covered due to a bad headache. (Especially the part with the wasabi bombs!)
10. The season premiere of "Brothers and Sisters." I've missed that show!

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