Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Fave Five - September 25th

It's Friday! Time to look back over the week and pick out our favorite five moments! If you'd like to link up and share yours, pop on over to Living to Tell the Story!

1. Coming home from Book Group to a massage. Lovely.

2. Spending Wednesday with my sister, Em, and her family. So fun to catch up and have fun as they are on their way to Alaska to LIVE. Craziness! We got to hang out, celebrate Mom's and my Hubby's birthdays, watch Finley (my baby niece) dance and "break it down," and play cards till midnight. So fun.

3. Lunch with my friend, Tracie, on Thursday. A pumpkin latte, a grilled cheese, and lots of laughs. Perfect.

4. Friday morning breakfast with Em, Karlin, Finley, Mom, and the Hubby! So fun - but bittersweet, too. It was our good-bye breakfast with Em's family. So fun to see them begin this new phase of their life with excitement... but so sad to see them go...

5. Heading to Janesville, WI, to spend the weekend with my sister-in-law and her family. They got tickets to the Wisconsin Badger Game for my hubby for his birthday - so fun!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Pumpkin spice pancakes at the Good Earth.
2. Finley telling us about visiting my Dad on his School bus. "Bus bus bus!"
3. A cool, rainy day...
4. Road trip! The hubby even threw my pillow and blanket in the car for me!
5. A good music mix in the car.
6. My parents - for taking good care of my dog while we're gone.
7. The hubby's excitement to see his sister and her family.
8. Lasagna and salad for dinner - Yum.
9. Watching our niece, Lauren, kick my hubby's butt on the Wii! Ha ha ha. (She just gets to practice more...)
10. My in-laws' dog, Uno - so cute.

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