Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ladies of Grace - September 9

It's that time again - time to link up with Walk A Mile and share a moment in your week when you have noticed grace in your life. Maybe your heart was softened by an act, a word, or a simple awareness of another's situation... Or maybe you were offered grace when you least expected it. God's grace touches us in so many ways! If you'd like to share a story, please do! This is part of our journey through this world together...My story happened tonight. All day long I've been wondering what I was going to share for my Ladies of Grace entry this week... All to find out, it was about to happen!

While I was volunteering at Feed My Starving Children tonight, with some very cool people from my church, I ended up at a station away from the rest of my group... This always happens to me! We rush to a station so that we can all work together - and of course, there's always one or two too many of us. Since I'm usually the coordinator of our group, I step back and see where else I can fit in so that they can still work together.

(I really don't mind. I always have fun. It's just a little bit of a bummer.)

So, tonight my hubby and I joined another table with a mom, dad, and daughter. Then along comes one other woman - also an "extra" from her group looking for a table to work with. So we start working, asking what groups we're with, teasing each other about how we work together, singing along to the radio... When she realized Mike and I were married, she immediately asked if we had kids. I told her nope. Then... She told me about her daughter in 4th grade and how she was in the process of trying to have another. She's been trying for a long time for this one, and is on her "last shot." I took that to mean she must be trying some kind of treatment or procedure - and this is the last time...

In the middle of dumping my dried veggies into the bag, I asked her her name and if I could keep her in my prayers. She smiled and said she would like that very much.

Maybe there's a reason I was separated from my group tonight... You never know...

If you think of it tonight, can you send up a prayer for Lynn? She could use it!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Crosswords.
2. Thom got a job!!!
3. Eating lunch with our UMW (United Methodist Women) ladies. So fun - and great dessert!
4. Pastor Penny in her gardening clothes! Very cute.
5. Office supply stores... It's like a toy store for me.
6. Feed My Starving Children - we packaged over 17,000 meals in 1.5 hours tonight - that will feed 49 kids for an ENTIRE year!
7. Church friends. So fun.
8. Hair-nets. They make for great (embarrassing) pictures!
9. The kids that came with us tonight - Lydia, Jake, and Matt - so fun and such hard workers!
10. Being home after a LONG day!

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Beth said...

That always use to happen to me when I would bring the scouts...I would get everyone situated and then have to find a spot...usually I am putting on labels or cleaning it is such a joyous place that it never seems to matter!

Yes...hairnets...gross! lol

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