Thursday, September 17, 2009


"In the muddled mess of this world, in the confusion and the boredom, we ought to be able to spot something - an event, a person, a memory, an act, a turning of the soul, a flash of bright wings, the surprise of sweet compassion - somewhere we ought to pick out a glory to celebrate."
--Samuel H. Miller

On a hurried, busy, crazy day - reading this during Open Sanctuary was just what I needed. Thank you, God.

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Being a part of Neighor's Inc - and looking forward to their future.
2. The kind and caring people that I spent the day with (other Board members for Neighbor's Inc).
3. Little glass bottles of soda - I haven't seen those forever!
4. Unwinding from the earlier part of the day with a friend. Talking and laughing helped me to finish out the day!
5. Plans to go to a high school football game - I haven't been to one in YEARS!
6. The smell of lit matches. I love that smell.
7. Visiting with Diane. I'm glad she stopped by at the end of the night.
8. A nice chat with my sister - finally!
9. The memory of The Night of "L'il Abner." Ha ha ha. That was the longest high school play EVER!
10. Uncle Cracker's song, "Smile."

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Andrea, the collector said...

You always have the most inspiring quotes. Beautiful!

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