Sunday, September 6, 2009

Communion Bloopers

Ahhh... The sacred act of partaking in communion... Sometimes, even that can make you giggle.

First, our pastor didn't give instructions on HOW we do communion at our church (the pastor hands you a chunk of bread, then you dip it in the chalice and eat it - intinction); then... just a series of bloopers. First, our substitute pianist/organist (who is a lovely lady), tried to take the chalice from me to drink from it - when I realized what she was about to do, and that she had already eaten her bread, I guided her to the communion rail which was supplied with individual cups of juice. Embarrassment averted.

Then, the sister and guest of one of our members tried to do the same thing - hands already on the chalice before I realized what was happening! I calmly pulled the chalice toward me and guided her to the communion rail as well. Goodness! I felt like the guard of the juice!

Then, the best part... One of our members brought his little grandson to church (maybe 5 years old?). His grandson decided he wanted to take communion for the first time (and yes, in the Methodist church we believe you can take communion at any age). So, the grandfather took his piece of bread, and the grandson too. Then the grandfather came to me, dipped his bread, and ate it. I bent down to the little boy's level expecting him to do the same... instead, he THREW his bread into the chalice! Ha ha ha. Drops splattered, the grandpa jumped, and I laughed. Before I knew what was happening, the grandpa and grandson were fishing with their hands in the cup looking for the piece of bread!

Ohmygoodness. I didn't even know what to say or do - other than laugh. And everyone sitting in the first few pews were laughing, too!

So yes. Even in the midst of sacraments and remembering Jesus' sacrifice for us all - there can be laughter and joy!

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Janet sharing a piece of her faith journey with the congregation.
2. Sandy playing the harp during communion - beautiful!
3. Sacred laughter.
4. Children's innocence.
5. The ways we protect each other from embarrassment.
6. All our congregation members supporting Neighbor's Inc by buying ducks for the Duck Race! 29 sold today!
7. A gift of fresh tomatoes from a garden - Delish!
8. The hubby getting home safe and sound!
9. White Chocolate Trifle for dessert - I've never seen the hubby scarf dessert like this! It's a winner! 10. It's nice to have the hubby home....


Beth said...

seems like I missed quite the Sunday! Too funny!

Melissa said...

I didn't even notice the first 2! I seriously had to contain my giggles with the little boy though!

And we want to buy next week at book group too late?

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