Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Fave Five - September 4th

It's that time again! Here are my Friday Fave Fives - a time when we think about a few of the blessings of our past week. If you'd like to join in, link up at Living to Tell the Story!

1. Saturday, we spent the day with my husband's sister's family. We picnic-ed and played with Lauren and Evan (our niece and nephew) ALL DAY! Their energy, excitement, and creativity were so much fun to watch. I don't get to see them very often - but so fun when I do!

2. Sunday was a powerful worship service at church. We wove our Open Sanctuary experience into the worship service - dimmed the lights, experienced silence, and allowed people to get out of their seats and light candles during their prayers. It was beautiful and powerful all at once. I'm so proud of our congregation and their willingness to experience new things.

3. Monday came with a visit from my friend Em, and her daughter, Elly. We shared lunch, and played and played and played! Elly is starting to walk and get a little more adventurous - she went up and down the stairs over and over and over, and would explore new rooms, and even let the dog come near! Such fun!

4. I managed to get to the State Fair for a few hours on Monday night. We walked around, explored the Eco-experience, saw the baby animals (some of which were JUST born!), and of course, ate some fried food on a stick! I think the mini-donuts were my favorite this year (I hadn't had those since I was in high school!).

5. I haven't been feeling well - and have been EXTREMELY tired! (No, that's not a fave.) But I went to the doctor yesterday and tested negative for mono, thank goodness! So, most likely it's a virus and should be going away any day now... And the hubby's out of town, I have very little planned - so sleep and rest are first priority! So the fave is, I should be feeling better any time! :)

Things I am thankful for today:

1. 12 hours of sleep. Awesome.
2. A leisurely morning.
3. Cleaning the WHOLE house (except the bathrooms... those will wait for the hubby. Ha!)
4. Laundry is DONE.
5. Did more research for the B&B. Uff-da. Getting overwhelmed.
6. Went for a lovely drive in the country - the sun was golden on the farm fields and prairies - GORGEOUS! (Oh! And I saw the funniest dog - a big 'ol boxer sitting at the end of his driveway with a soccer ball in his mouth! No one was around. He was just begging any person that happened to be driving by to stop and play... I really wanted to!)
7. Chocolate covered sunflower seeds.
8. Crickets chirping on a perfect summer evening.
9. A good hair day - even though no one saw it. Ha ha ha.
10. A nice chat with Mom on the phone.


Beth said...

great FFF Megs! Even tho you weren't feeling well...sounds like you week went okay! Have a nice weekend!

Lisa notes... said...

That's exciting that your church is willing to experiment with new things. And that you appreciate it. :-) It sounds like that was a great worship time.

ellen b said...

It's nice to enjoy family. Sounds like you got a good dose of family and friends. Glad you don't have mono. Worshiping together is such a wonderful thing. Have a good weekend...

Willow said...

Your church service sounds like a great experience. I hope you feel better soon! Isnt' it fun to watch the little ones learn to walk and be adventurous with steps?

Carol E. said...

You have a fun life and fun attitude! (It's probably the attitude that makes the life fun.)

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