Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Thanks

A great day! Slept in. Played with the dog. Had lunch with Em. Took a nap. Read a book. A restful, relaxing day... Love it.

Things I am thankful for today:

1. No alarms.
2. House finches at my bird feeder.
3. The dog's cold, wet nose against my neck - that's what I woke up to.
4. Brunch with Em - Mmmm.... Banana pancakes at Jensen's Cafe in Burnsville.
5. Em not laughing at my B&B dream.
6. Ficus and Fig gift shop in Burnsville. I love their stuff!
7. The author Dean Koontz - fun, thriller-type books. (Although, also scary! I really shouldn't read them late at night when I'm by myself for the weekend!)
8. Mom calling me late at night to ask who my chemistry teacher is... Oops. She meant to call my sister, who was DOWNSTAIRS from my mom! Goodness. They make me laugh.
9. Doing absolutely no work today!
10. My sister's husband was ordained today! Hello, Reverand Karlin! Ha ha ha.


Diane said...

Have you read the new Dean Koontz book about his dog? It's really cute. So unlike his other books.

Mom said...

I am so glad I and Kayla can humor you!!!!!!!

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