Friday, February 1, 2013

Week 3

Down another pound today!  Total of 7 lbs lost - woohoo!

This week, I focused on getting more activity in each day - walking at Mall of America, getting on the elliptical, getting up from my desk and walking around once an hour, walking to get the mail (a block away) - little things, but it all adds up!

I also found that when I got more activity in, I went to sleep much earlier than is my regular routine!  I usually don't fall asleep until 1am...  Even when I'm tired.  This week?  I've been in bed by 10:30pm at the latest every night!  And it's been great!

As for my goals - easily getting in my 64oz of water everyday, journaling my food has become habit, and social gatherings are getting easier and easier.  I'm becoming a pro at eating my "lean and green" dinner before going out, sneaking my snacks in my pocket, and drinking water.  I even brought a shrimp salad to an event at church where pizza was being served...  And people asked why they didn't get shrimp salad!  (I did feel a little bad when I was crunching through the crispy lettuce after the speaker began her presentation...!)

So far so good!  This week, I'd like to still focus on working in more activity (small steps, due mostly to the program I'm on).  In fact, I'll be jumping on the elliptical in a few minutes!

Things I'm thankful for today:

1.  Another pound lost.
2.  Cheerful counselors at the clinic.
3.  A nice chunk of change sent to payoff a debt.
4.  Game night at a friend's house!  So fun!
5.  Friends you can just relax with...  A treasure.
6.  Seeing another friend giggle like a schoolgirl.  Made me smile.
7.  Fresh snow!
8.  Hubby did the driving in the fresh snow!
9.  A warm home to come home to.
10.  A bed to sink into!

QotD:  What is your resolution for tomorrow?
Talk about our budget with the hubby...  Just to go over January!  (Should be easy!)

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