Friday, February 15, 2013

Week 5

Well, it finally happened...  I had a week with no weight loss.  Bummer.
But, I maintained.

And, it was probably due to starting to exercise everyday - 6 out of the last 7!  Woohoo! 
(I've decided not to worry about planned workouts on Sundays.  Fun exercise?  Sure!)

So, I don't feel bad.  I'm still averaging 2.5 lbs a week.

No problem!

This week I had two meals out that weren't planned ahead...  Those can pose problems for me.  I recognize that and will do better.  I'm not too worried.

We tried a couple more healthy dinners this week:
Citrus grilled pork chops with broccoli.
A veggie omelet.
Salmon with a red pepper puree.

Life is good!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Third morning in a row with no TV in the morning.  Feels good!
2.  Staying on track.
3.  Tax refund arrived!
4.  Walking with Tracie and Hope.  Nice way to spend part of the morning!
5.  Studying John 8:1-11 this week...  Grace.
6.  Hugs.
7.  Starbuck's new coconut, ginger, lemongrass green tea.
8.  Finally watched "Bridesmaids!"
9.  Talking with Amanda today.
10.  Birthday present shopping!

QotD:  Write down the cure for a broken heart.
The support and love of family and friends...  Patience...  And chocolate. 

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