Thursday, February 7, 2013

3 Day Walk - Two Weeks In!

Things are getting good!

I sent out my first fundraising email to 60 people!
Donations are up to $475 thanks to some very generous friends and family!
We have a team of five...  and I'm meeting a potential new friend this Saturday for coffee.
I've started getting on the elliptical and continued going for walks.
I got my "getting started" packet in the mail and am excited about possible fundraising ideas!

Can I say, as I look at the 3Day merchandise (walking clothes and shoes), that I'm looking forward to buying some when I'm down a couple of sizes?!  The timing will be just right!  (I'm a dork...)

This week, I'm focusing on:
*  continuing to walk everyday
*  get some simple fundraising set up (like the change jar and flyers at work)
*  looking for a few more team members

If you've walked the 3Day before - I'm open to any and all tips for preparation!

It's fun to have such a big goal to work towards!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Getting up with the alarm.
2.  Coconut Chai black tea.
3.  The song "Hallelujah."
4.  This video:

5.  Patience.
7.  Flexible schedules.
8.  Getting stuff done!
9.  Going with Mike to get his Brewing equipment!  So exciting!
The adventure begins...  Mike got his brewing equipment today!
10.  A good night on the elliptical!

QotD:  What are three things you have to buy?
Food - I'm not much of a farmer...  Clothes - I can't sew worth anything.  Gas for my car.  ;)

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