Monday, February 4, 2013

The Physical

My chapter today, in Happier At Home by Gretchen Rubin, focused on the physical aspects of happiness...  What physical things can we do to increase happiness in our day to day lives?

The focuses she decided on for her life didn't really apply so much to me...  So I thought I'd give it a little thought.  What things could I work on that would be physically improving my happiness?

1)  Exercise.  Of course.  I plan to go for a walk this afternoon!
2)  Eating healthier.  Yep.  Working on that.
3)  A dream board.  I'm inspired by the things I see on a daily basis.  I've wanted a giant bulletin board to put quotes, pictures, ideas, places, etc, on for awhile...  Maybe it's time to make it!
4)  Candles.  I love the good feelings that are associated with nice scents.  Maybe it's time for some new candles?
5)  I've gotten back in the habit of working in silence...  I miss music.  But I can't have songs playing because I get distracted by the words!  I'll make a Pandora station of classical music for work - I bet I'll love it!
6)  Writing notes - and mailing them.  I've been surprised lately at how much I enjoy getting notes in the mail...  I could pass it on to others, too!

Just some ideas...  What could you do - physically - to bring more happiness to your life?

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  A relaxing day.
2.  Pat, the mechanic.  He makes me smile.
3.  And he washed my car!
4.  And put my tabs on my plates for me!
5.  Sunshine.
6.  A cooolllddddd walk!  Brrr...
7.  A hot shower afterwards!
8.  Our weekly "Bachelor" date.
9.  Aveeno moisturizer.
10.  More snow on the way!

QotD:  Outside the weather is...
Sunny.  16 degrees.  Good enough for a walk!

1 comment:

Beth said...

hmmm physically...I thinking hiking up some hills...the challenge...learning to swim correctly...and some aerobic Ulitimate Frisbee...I crave the cardio workout! Maybe it is my drug!

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