Sunday, February 17, 2013

Have Faith. Hold On.

"The mystic's first recourse when we are stressed is to take a step back and view the situation from a cosmic perspective.  How do we do this, when circumstances affect us in such significant ways?  There is a kind of spiritual muscle we develop, which gives us the strength to visualize any situation surrounded by light and embraced in the arms of God.  Our mystical power lies in knowing that any situation can be seen through different eyes, and that our choice to see a situation differently is an invitation for miracles to enter.  God will do His part when we do ours.  The work of resurrection is a continuous process, at work in all dimensions of time and space.  When there is lack, God's abundance is on the way.  Hold on.  Have faith.  It's coming."
--Marianne Williamson, Everyday Grace

I spent a portion of my life assuming my failings were other peoples' faults.  When I would get hurt, it must have been because of the other person.  When I didn't succeed, it could only have been the other factors involved.  When friendships have whithered away, I made up excuses why the other person was no longer available.

All of that was so much easier that taking a look at myself.  My part in the equations.  My errors.  My misunderstandings.  My lack of faith.

But life changes us.  Life makes us decide - do I go through life always feeling hurt, insecure, sad, angry, frustrated, or put upon?  Or do I decide to look at things from different angles?  To take responsibility for my own parts in the events of my life?

My faith has changed the way I live life.  It's made me see things - and people - from a different perspective.  And I believe, in the long-run, it's made me the happier person that I am today.

I know I'm not perfect.  I say the wrong things.  Do the wrong things.  Shy away from conflict.  And yes, I like to think I'm right much of the time.  **Wink**

But, as Marianne Williamson says: when life gets us down, those of us with faith in God look at the situation from a faith-filled perspective.  Humble.  Truth-seeking.  With forgiveness - both for ourselves and others.  With love.  With grace. 

Things can change.  But we've got to start somewhere - and for me?  It almost always starts with myself.  When I feel that moment when life seems to be lacking...  I know it's time to look within.  What can I do?  What can I pray?

And I know...  When I begin that process...  Abundance is on the way.  Hold on.  Have faith.

That I can do.

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Our Pastor is out of town, so I was leading worship and preaching.  Everything went smoothly - Allelulia!
2.  Mentors that try their best for my confirmands.
3.  Lessons in grace.
4.  John 8:1-11.  Great passage to preach on today!
5.  Another $100 donated to my Susan G Komen 3 Day Walk!  (I now have $595 toward my $2300 goal!)
6.  "Once Upon a Time."
7.  Emails that make me smile...  Thanks, Jean!
8.  Moments of clarity.
9.  A little time to read...  For fun!
10.  Day dreaming...

QotD:  If you could change something about today, what would it be?
My effectiveness in working with our confirmands...  Sometimes, it feels like a pointless rollercoaster!  (I know in my heart it is not, and I do love the kids, just somedays are worse than others.) 

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