Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gaining Confidence

Today's chapter in Secrets of Simplicity, by Mary Carlomango, is about discovering your Self - and the path in front of you...  It's about recognizing who you are in order to take the leaps of faith that will take you closer to your dreams.

The first exercise was something I found interesting...  Before taking a big leap - you need to build your self-confidence and strength.  So, it asks you to take a few minutes and make a list of all the "great things you do every day."  Celebrate yourself.  Pat yourself on the back for a many things you know how to do.

Ok...  My goal is to come up with ten... 

1.  Read.
2.  Learn.
3.  Blog.
4.  Follow directions.
5.  Make art.
6.  Draw.
7.  Clean.
8.  Organize.
9.  Laugh at myself.
10.  Be hospitable.
11.  Make people feel valued.
12.  Adapt.
13.  Listen.
14.  Study.
15.  Write.
16.  Play.
17.  Drive.
18.  Encourage.
19.  Cook.
20.  Decorate.
21.  Use my iphone.
22.  Exercise.
23.  Plan.
24.  Dream.
25.  Pay bills.
26.  Budget.
27.  Travel well.
28.  Surprise my hubby.
29.  Use the copier.
30.  Talk with teens.
31.  Donate money.
32.  Volunteer.
33.  Inspire.
34.  Speak publicly.
35.  Lead groups.
36.  Grow African Violets.
37.  Stick to a diet.
38.  Be thankful.
39.  Love.
40.  Move forward.

Well, then.  There's 40, and I bet I could keep going!  (It's kind of fun, once you get started...)

Feeling like you can't do anything right?  Try this - you'll feel loads better!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  This list - kind of fun!
2.  No headache today.
3.  Reading a good book.
4.  Leaps of faith.
5.  Getting lots done!
6.  Opportunties for the hubby.
7.  A note from my World Vision kid, Mete - and a drawing of a palm tree!  So cute.

8.  Veggie omelets - an easy, healthy dinner!
9.  Fun conversations over dinner tonight, at church.
10.  Caribou Coffee's "Cinnabon Rooibos" hot tea...

QotD:  Are you the original or the remix?  Why?
Huh?  I guess I'm a remix...  My original was terribly shy and not very confident...  But over the years I've become more willing to try new things, take bigger risks, and take care of myself before others.  I still get nervous, but I'm willing to take those leaps of faith - and that's much different than who I was at one point in my life.  Really, shouldn't we all be "remixes" as we go through life?  I'd hate to think I hadn't changed, evolved, or improved after all my life experiences...!

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