Saturday, February 2, 2013

Two of My Favorites

QotD:  Who do you live with?

My hubby...  My best friend.  He supports me, makes me laugh, and kisses me good-bye every morning.  He cleans the bathrooms and takes out the garbage.  He fixes things and helps me create a sense of peace in our home.  He asks me about my day and lets me have the window seat on every airplane ride.  He plans surprises and gives the best hugs!  I'm a pretty lucky girl.

And I live with this funny little poodle, Bailey.  She's my cuddle-buddy, my alarm clock, and my partner in teasing the hubby.  She makes me laugh with her squeaky ball, her bone, and her tricks.  She enjoys long walks and nights cozied up by the fire.  She's full of kisses and loves a good nap in a blanket.  And yes, she loves her grandparents! 

These two make our house my home...  It's just not the same without either one!

Who do you live with?

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Sleeping in - late!
2.  A quiet day.
3.  Talking about the budget - and realizing we're doing good!
4.  Finally buying a new printer!  Woohoo!
5.  A trip to Mall of America - and despite the crowds, in and out in less than an hour!
6.  People watching.
7.  A night out celebrating a friend's birthday!
8.  More fresh snow.
9.  The hubby driving in the fresh snow - again.
10.  Feeling content.

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Mom said...

Lucky gal--Mike and Bailey!!! Any chance I could get a picture--paper-- of you and Mike? I love that pic of the 2 of you... Mom

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