Monday, February 7, 2011

30 Days of Photos: 8

Day 08 - A picture that makes you laugh.

This is my parents playing cards at my house...  These are their "game faces" - no matter what game we play.  Mom always has the "I'm gonna win" grin.  And Dad always looks philosophical as he daydreams behind his cards. 

They're pretty funny.  And this picture brings back lots of memories or various games...  And lots of laughs.

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Finishing a book.
2.  And starting another.
3.  Going through past photos - so fun.
4.  Leftover pizza.
5.  New buds on our orchid!
6.  The amaryllis, again...  anyday now!
7.  The dog so excited when Mike came home she ran all over my floors with muddy paws!  (It's kinda cute.)
8.  Emergen-C.  I should really buy stock in this company...
9.  The hubby working on another science experiment in our kitchen...  This time?  Firestarters!
10.  Funny messages with my sis, Emily.

And today is Day 7 of the 29 Day Giving Challenge!  A gift to myself today...  Being ok with not forcing myself into working out when I'm still light-headed and weak.  I told myself yesterday that today was the day!  Time to get back to work - enough being sick.  But I clearly wasn't ready - I took it slow on the elliptical and was OK with that.  One more day of rest isn't so bad, right?


Mom said...

Dad is always "strategizing"!

Kayla said...

Hahahahaha I LOVE the picture. Nice choice. :D

Emily said...

The plant life in your house is hilarious. :)

Andrea, the little collector said...

Oh my...I need an orchid lesson from you! What lovely things to come.

p.s. Love you sharing how much you enjoy your dining room table. :) Makes me want to choose a special one too some day. And I will...some day!

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