Thursday, February 3, 2011

30 Days of Photos: 4

Day 04 - A picture of a habit you wish you didn’t have....

Eating junk food... all things sweet, salty, greasy, buttery... you get the idea.  I wish was one of those health nuts that ate no processed foods, no junk, and LOVED veggies.

I just don't think it will ever happen...  But I'm working on it!  (I discovered last week that I LIKE brussel sprouts!  That's improvement, right?!)

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Emergen-C.
2.  Leftovers.
3.  An office I can take a small nap in...
4.  A friend willing to help me out tonight!
5.  A very friendly bank teller.
6.  The hubby putting gas in my car...
7.  Learning to fry an egg (better than I used to).
8.  Homemade bread for toast.
9.  A former youth group kid, now in college, asking me what devotional to use.
10.  My bed.

And today is Day 3 of the 29 Day Giving Challenge! Today I wrote a note to the manager of my bank.  When I deposited my check at the drive-through window I was in a grumpy mood - but that was all turned around by "Gautam" my teller.  Instead of only saying, "hi," and "have a good day," he talked to me through the little camera thingy the whole time he was processing my checks.  We chatted about the weather, the superbowl, and our days so far.  He was upbeat, kind, and so friendly.  As I drove away, I realized he gave me a gift today in making me smile...  so I decided to send his manager a note and tell them how much I appreciated Gautam.

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Diane said...

Boy that food looks good! You aren't fighting that battle alone, Megan.

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