Sunday, February 6, 2011

30 Days of Photos: 7

Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item.

Well, I chose A treasured item, rather than THE tresured item...  It's too hard to pick one!

Here is my dining room table...  I love it.  I drooled over it for a couple of years until my hubby surprised me with it as a Christmas present one year!  So sweet....
It's a place where friends and family gather - where we share wonderful meals, delightful conversation, and silly games!  The hubby and I eat at it a couple of times a week - recounting our days and sharing some wine.  He surprises me with fabulous meals when I've been away, we celebrate holidays and special occasions around it, and it's a place to make ordinary meals a ritual of hospitality - for each other and for guests. 

This simple table is part of what makes our house a home.  And I love it.

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Having the hubby with me at church.
2.  Returning visitors.
3.  Being so proud of the way my confirmands handle themselves in tough situations!
4.  Serving communion with one of my confirmands - thanks, Lydia!
5.  Girl Scout cookies!
6.  Hot bubble baths.
7.  Spending the evening at home with the hubby.
8.  Ordering pizza.
9.  Packers won!
10.  Going to bed happy, content, and early!

And today is Day 6 of the 29 Day Giving Challenge!  This morning as I was greeting people before the worship service at church, I noticed a couple who had visited our church months ago...  I went up and said, "Welcome back!  So good to see you again!" and asked them about some of the things we had chatted about in October.  They were shocked that I remembered them so well!  I was just doing what I always do...  Remembering faces and conversations is part of my job - and who I am.  But I realized by the delight in their faces that this was a gift to them - they were seen, heard, and remembered.  A good lesson for me, too, on the importance of using my gifts!

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