Saturday, February 12, 2011

30 Days of Photos: 13

Day 13 - A picture of your favorite band or artist.

At the moment?  Mumford and Sons.  Love them.

Always?  A tie between Ben Harper and Jason Mraz.

Oh!  And Amos Lee...

But I listen to so many artists...  It's almost impossible to choose!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  A relaxing morning at home.
2.  Strawberry biscuits.
3.  Cooking with the hubby - so fun.
4.  Having lunch with Kayla and Dad.
5.  The Edina Grill.  Always a fun place.
6.  A beautiful day - it's warming up!
7.  An evening in the city.
8.  Almost talking the hubby into a trip to New Orleans...
9.  People watching.  Love it.
10.  Noticing I'm talking to strangers more and more...  More confidence?  Less shy?  I hope so!

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