Sunday, January 16, 2011


Today's reading of "Secrets of Simplicity: Learn to Live Better with Less," focuses on shopping and our wardrobes.  There's a simple quiz giving you possible insight into what kind of shopper you are (cryer, stalker, hoarder, up-grader, etc).  It's funny - while I like to shop, and feel I probably do it too often - I don't really fit any of the categories...  Interesting.

The chapter ends with a challenge to clean out our closets, taking a moment to analyze each piece of clothing and ask these questions:

"Does it fit?
Is it worn or torn?
Is it out of fashion?
When was the last time I wore it?
Will I wear it again?"

What's funny to me, is I just did this - almost with these same questions - right before Christmas.  AND I went one step further!  I did the old trick of hanging everything on hangers - hooked backwards to the rod.  When I wear something, I flip the hanger around.  By the end of the season, anything that hasn't been flipped is going to be donated!  It's working pretty nicely so far...

And yes, I've been trying not to spend money.  I haven't shopped for anything for myself in almost a month now.  (Of course, trying to lose weight plays a part.  I'm saving up for all those smaller sizes I'll be able to buy eventually!)

Here's the conclusion of the chapter (nicely put, I thought):

"In learning to say no and let go, you'll learn an important lesson: the difference between sacrifice and deprivation.  Sacrifice is a choice.  Deprivation creates a constant state of want.  Releasing what you do not need can help you regain control of your choices and ultimately your life.  Now that you know the ground rules, consider the following ten tips to let your home reflect your new sense of control:

1.  ...Take stock of your wardrobe often to make sure it's up to date...

2.  Be size proud.  Nothing says self-sabotage like keeping too-small clothing in your closet waiting for you to fit into them again, or holding onto larger sizes, just in case you gain weight..

3.  Learn to say no to second helpings and takeout.  Stock your kitchen with healthy choices, because most diets are derailed by temptation...

4.  Get comfortable with the idea of using, not amassing.  Use the pieces you have instead of buying multiples or replacing with a different model.  Love what you have.

5.  Generate good closet karma...  Donating to local charities and shelters will give you a spiritual as well as material cleansing...  Planning monthly organizing sessions will help you maintain your uncluttered closet.

6.  Shop your own closet first.  Put away the credit cards for a few days...  Use that extra time to sort out your stuff.

7.  Many of us buy on impulse, not out of necessity.  Find out if you really need that must-have item by leaving the tags on until you use it.  If you don't put the item to use within two weeks, return it to the store...

8.  Take a steady approach.  You did not get disorganized overnight, and the solution will not be instant either.  Everyday action against your big goal will ensure success...

9.  Detach.  Stuff has no emotion, so stop assigning it meaning...  Take control of your emotions, ad the stuff will seem less important.

10.  ...Consider proper storage for memorabilia (family heirlooms and hand-me-downs).  Your closet should reflect your present, not your past."

So far, so good!  I can work with this over the next week!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  A very fun morning at church!
2.  Confirmands that crack me up.  One, when asked, "How is church like a gift?" responded, "Well, for example...  I've had a rough couple of days.  But right now?  I'm feeling all kind of good!"  Love it!
3.  I got to do a sermon about all the fun, sneaky, conspiring ways we can do unexpected kindnesses for people to "show God's love in a practical way."
4.  ...And got a bunch more people signed up to take part in our "Conspiracy of Kindness" small group!
5.  I had half a slice of pizza.  (Yes, I swallowed those points and enjoyed every tastbud full!)
6.  Tommy, a 5th grader, telling me I gave a great sermon today.  Too sweet!
7.  A LONG nap after church.
8.  Looking forward to a surprise in the mail from Elly!
9.  Planning my 29 days of gifts in February.
10.  The hubby doing the grocery shopping...

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