Sunday, January 23, 2011

Life Inventory

The lesson from this week's chapter of "Secrets of Simplicity" is about identifying excessive responsibilities in our lives.  Part of today's reading:

"Overabundance affects more than just the stuff we buy - it can show up in all areas of our lives, including work, home, social activities, and parenting.  Just like that bright-colored cereal box that somehow ends up in our grocery cart (did we really choose those cornflakes?), one area of your life may automatically commandeer most of your time and energy, and you may not even realize it."

The following inventory is an exercise in looking at what is standing in the way of "your livelihood, your health, your ability to ultimately grow...  As you review your responses, think about whether they represent a life of your choosing."

(As you read through this list, respond "Always" "Sometimes" or "Never" - and see what you notice about the choices you are currently making for your life...  What does it reveal?)

Do I make time to exercise?  Always (at least, since Jan. 2nd)
Is my home life serene?  Always
Do I have downtime?  Always
So I have time to deal with incoming mail and bills?  Always
Do I have time to volunteer for a charity?  Sometimes (I'm working on it!)
Do the significant people in my life receive my attention when they need it?  Always
Do I keep my appointments?  Always
Do I see my friends?  Sometimes (could use more visits...)
Do I eat regular, healthy meals?  Always
Am I in control of my calendar?  Always
Are my home repairs done in a timely manner?  Most of the time?
Is my pantry stocked?  Always
Do I find time to get out and enjoy nature?  Sometimes (would like to more)
Am I getting enough sleep?  Sometimes
Do I take regular vacations?  Sometimes
Do I work less than 10 hours a day?  Most of the time...
Is my work fulfilling?  Always

Interesting...  I was thinking a couple of weeks ago, that I feel pretty "balanced" these days...  And I think this list hints at that, too.  The things I'd like to work on aren't exactly surprises!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  A great morning at church.
2.  Teamwork.
3.  Matt's birthday (and Ghiradelli brownies!).
4.  Chatting with Marion, Jean, and LaDean after worship - what cool ladies.
5.  Going to visit my future bed and breakfast with my parents.  Ha ha ha.  It really is a LOVELY property.  I wish, I wish, I wish...  (Anyone want to donate to the cause?)
6.  Dinner with Mom and Dad at San Pedro.  Yum.
7.  Aliza was back!
8.  My nightly phone call from the hubby (he's home in Milwaukee til Monday).
9.  Watching and movie and reading before bed - a nice, quiet night.
10.  Catching my headache before it got too bad.


Andrea, the little collector said...

Goodness gracious...I have very few "always" answers to that list! But I'm working on them. :)

Mom said...

Our donation wasn't enough???:)

Diane said...

Beautiful house! I'd stay there :) Better start saving those pennies instead of giving them to Pastor Penny!

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