Friday, January 7, 2011

BOOM BOOM: A Random Cup of Jo.

So, I'm starting a new challenge with BOOM BOOM cards.  It's another new way to connect and do good deeds throughout this new year.  You get a deck of BOOM BOOM cards - 26 cards - and each one of them has a good deed on it.  You do the good deed, or intentional act of kindness, and then you go to the website and tell your story.  Fun, right?  It gets better - you register your card online, then after you do your task, you pass the card onto to someone else (who you think will also do it).  Then they register it online - and you can watch all the ways your card has encouraged kindness all over the world!  So cool!

So I did my first BOOM BOOM today, and this is the story I posted on the website:

"Last week, I decided it was time to start the BOOM BOOM challenge! I read the first card - "Buy a stranger a cup of coffee." Hmmm... I'm a shy person and wasn't about to just hand a perfect stranger a cup of coffee... So I had to think about it awhile.

A couple of days later, I wrote a nice little note to the Barista. It simply asked them to use the $5 included with the note to pay for the next person's cup of coffee. If there was change, to put it in their tip jar. And to place the green BOOM BOOM sticky note on the cup when it was served. The outside of the envelope said, "Would you be willing to help me with a random act of kindness?"

Well, I tried on several occasions over the last few days to deliver the note. But I always went when the coffee shop was REALLY busy - and it would be obvious what I was doing. So I decided to hit up a bookstore in my town and do it at their coffee bar instead... Well. Turns out I hadn't been in there for awhile. The coffee bar was gone. Oops. Then I stopped by the other bookstore in town - and their coffee bar had been turned into a "serve-yourself" bar. Not really what I was looking for...

So today, I had to stop by work anyway, and decided to stop back into my usual coffeeshop. It was busy - but not too busy. I ordered my tea, and while the cashier was finding my change, I pushed my envelope across the counter. I explained to her what it was and asked if she'd be willing to help.

She laughed, smiled, and said sure! So I turned to find a seat to sit and read my book - hoping to see the reaction of the person who got their free drink - and the only seat in the entire place was a big, leather chair, facing the cashier! Oh geez. Could I be more obvious?!

Well, I sat down and pulled out my book and highlighter and enjoyed my tea and uplifting read. I watched the first person come to the counter and order way more than $5 worth... So they didn't get it. Then the next customer was a couple of ladies... and the cashier didn't give it to one of them. A couple of others went through the line and I was beginning to worry that the girl didn't understand what she was supposed to do... I started to get a little frustrated.

But then, then a lady walked through the door. A typical woman from this area - designer jeans, fitted leather coat, perfect hair and make-up - looking rushed and crabby. I thought to myself, "Oh, not her. She won't appreciate it!" She marched straight up to the counter, credit card already out, and quickly placed her order.

I couldn't hear what was being said, and I couldn't see the woman's face - but her body language was saying, "What? Why would somebody buy me a cup of coffee?" Her posture was one of confusion and disbelief. But as she took a moment to take it in, I saw her shoulders drop, her body relax. She just kept reading the note over and over - but never really looked around to see who her benefactor might have been...

As she left the store, she had a spring in her step and didn't seem as rushed. I'd like to think it reminded her to slow down and enjoy a simple blessing in her day!

(It's funny, at first I hoped it wasn't her who got the coffee - out of spite, out of "she has plenty, she doesn't need this." BUT she probably needed it more than anyone else in there today. I'm glad my barista took her time deciding who to give it to - I think she made the right choice!)

I can't wait to start my next challenge!"

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Good music for my workout!
2.  A  morning of reading.
3.  A clean house.
4.  Cinnamon Spice tea.
5.  Baristas that like a challenge.
6.  Surprises.
7.  An evening with my parents and little sis!
8.  "Apples to Apples" - just doesn't get old!
9.  Nilla wafers, vanilla pudding, and bananas!  Yum.
10.  Lots of giggles.


Beth said...

aren't RAOK fun! I loved doing them in April and May...and still do them "randomly" at work and other places! The joy and gratitude never gets old!

Mom said...

Thanks Megan..and Mike for a really fun evening....oh..and good food as always!!

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