Tuesday, January 4, 2011


"A sense of reverence includes the recognition that one is always in the presence of the sacred.  To live with reverence is to live without judgement, prejudice and the saturation of consumerism.  The consumerist heart becomes empty and lonesome because it has squandered reverence.  As parent, child, lover, prayer or artist - a sense of reverence opens pathways of beauty to surprise us.  The earth is full of thresholds where beauty awaits the wonder of our gaze."
--John O'Donohue, "Beauty"

It's happening again!  All the books I'm reading are pointing at the same themes! 

Being present to what surrounds me.
Being aware of my consumerist choices.

I may have decided that this is the year of CONNECTION...  but SIMPLICITY may play a bigger role than I thought!

What a beautiful threshold to be stepping into for 2011 - simplifying my life as I make room to connect with others.  I could like that.

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Time to read.
2.  A full day of exercise and eating right. 
3.  Bailey's birthday!  (My dog turned 7 today - and got a new bone to celebrate.)
4.  The friendly people at the pet supply store.
5.  Being bamboozled as I've been trying to do my first "Boom-boom" random act of kindness.  I think maybe there's a certain person waiting for me to do it...  (More on this when I get it done!)
6.  Leftovers are still tasting good - and are surprisingly low in WW points!
7.  The glittery snow.
8.  My Boggs boots - I love stomping through puddles again!
9.  Watching an episode of "Parenthood" - such a good show.
10.  Bookstores...  I could browse all day


Carol E. said...

Boom-boom Act of Kindness? Looking forward to hearing about it. I love "Parenthood," too. Great writing! And.. we HAVE TO take a road trip up to Cherry Street Books. You'll love it.

Carol E. said...

P.S. I'm serious about a road trip... MLK Day, perhaps?

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