Saturday, December 26, 2009

Photo Hunt: Twelve

I won't link up to the Photo Hunt today, because I am posting this late... But I still wanted to do it! This is our Nativity scene - with it's new additions, the three Wise Men. With the three, there are 12 pieces now! This is one of my favorite Christmas decorations in our house. Simple and beautiful.

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Coming home to our own house.
2. The hubby going snowboarding all day. (Helps to make up a little for not getting to his family's home this weekend...)
3. Getting everything put away from my family's get together.
4. A light, fresh, homemade pizza for dinner.
5. Chatting with the cashier at Trader Joe's about my Angel perfume. So funny.
6. Getting 3 hours to sit on the couch a read a book - JUST FOR FUN! Merry Christmas to me!
7. Setting up my new bookshelf! Woo-hoo! (A Christmas present from the hubby.) Apparently, the dog thought this was a new jungle-gym, and Daddy was playing!)
8. The dog being happy to be in her own home, too.
9. The cookie stash is dwindling - I'm almost back to my normal kitchen!
10. The hubby made it home from 8 hours of snowboarding with no injuries. Ha ha ha.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Carol E. said...

I love that photo of your nativity set. Gorgeous!

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