Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Touch of Eternity

"Choose to let only what you love about the holidays remain. Cross out two more 'musts.' Now there's time for gazing out the window at the gently falling snow, delighting in the sounds of bells and joyful music, savoring the sweet aromas of hot cider, roast turkey, and gingerbread, sipping hot chocolate and homemade eggnog, reading a holiday story each night at dusk, basking in a fire crackling in the hearth and re-creating cherished customs that care for your soul as well as the souls of those you love. 'I do hope your Christmas has...a little touch of Eternity in among the rush and pitter patter and all,' mystic Evelyn Underhill recommends. 'It always seems such a mixing of this world and the next - but that, after all, is the idea!'"
--Simple Abundance

A mixing of this world and the next... I love that!

We're supposed to get a lot of snow tonight! I'm hoping to look out the window tonight and feel like I'm in another world, too! I've never been so excited for snow - the peacefulness, the beauty, the crunch under my feet, snowflakes on my eyelashes... Taking the dog for a walk and watching her play in the snow! (The only thing I don't like, is driving in it!)

Things I am thankful for today:

1. 2 batches of cookies down - only 12 to go!
2. Only a couple of presents left to buy!
3. Finding a fun present for the hubby yesterday... Now, where to hide it?
4. Going for a nice long walk with the hubby and the dog yesterday.
5. Nice notes from bloggin friends!
6. I have 20 followers! Woo-hoo!
7. Book group tonight - as long as the snow doesn't come too early...
8. A great find at the craft store yesterday.
9. Aveda's Rosemary Mint shampoo... Mmmm...
10. Taking a car load to Goodwill.


Melissa said...

I'm excited for the snow too! I told Jake I want 6 inches! Can't wait for a thick coat of white all over everything!

Beth said...

Snow makes me happy...but only til February! So you made 300 cookies and only two batches???

Jill said...

I'm not really looking forward to snow. I wish it would hold off until right before Christmas. . . oh well, it will mean a pretty drive to work on the River Parkway tomorrow morning.
That's a lot of cookies Megan - what are you going to do with all of them?

Hubby said...

You can't wait for the snow and want to be out in it???? Who are you and what did you do with my wife???

Andrea, the collector said...

Oh my, your hubby's comment made me laugh!

I love this quote too. I'm striving for more of what matters most this year. This takes it to a whole different place. Good to think about.

p.s. I want to make that tortilla soup!

p.p.s. Don't you think we all need the recipes for these yummy cookies? ;)

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